Welcome to Colegio de Sao Jose

Welcome to Colegio de Sao Jose (St. Joseph's College) in Dili, East Timor's new web site!

17 Responses to Welcome to Colegio de Sao Jose

  1. emanuelbria says:

    I’m one of the alumni of St. Joseph’s college. I graduated from the school by 1998, and now working as consultant for poverty alleviation. I feel that ignatian spirit to serve the poors and the needy as well as working for faith and justice at the time of my training in the school is growing raped within my heart. I’m very thankful for the jesuits (Fr. Eduard Dopo, Fr. Agemg Marwata) who have been my teacher during those memorable years and I will be so glad if a near future reunion among the alumni to be conducted.

    keep in touch

    emanuel – Jakarta

  2. Almerio Borges says:

    dear bro

    my name is Almerio S Borges. I’m one of the St Joseph’s college alumni. I graduated from St Joseph College in 1999. Now I’m working as program Assintant at The Asia Foundation in Dili, Timor Leste


    Almerio Saldanha Borges

  3. Yoel Pinto, OFM says:

    I’m Joel Pinto. I’m a young Franciscan of East Timor. I’m an alumni of St. Joseph College too. I Graduated from St. Joseph in 2001. Now, I’m studying Philosophy and Theology at Driyarkara School of Philosophy, Jakarta, Indonesia. And I’m going to finish my study on May 2008 with my last Script with Title Christian Sacraments In A Postmodern Wolrd: A Theology for Third Millenium according to Kenan B. Osborne, OFM.

  4. Miguel Lemos, CMF says:

    Hi, i’m Miguel Lemos. I’m a brother of Claretian Missionary. I was also a student of St. Joseph College since 1997-1999. Although I could not finished or graduated from St. Joseph College coz of the political situations at that moment, but i still keep in mind all the memories during i was there as the student of St. Joseph’s College. Good Luck!!!! God bless you….

    Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam

  5. silvano says:

    Ba maluk sira hotu,
    loron diak ba imi hotu,
    hau haksolok tebes tamba ho escola sao jose nia tulun, oras nee hau bele hatene buat ruma…hau agradece ba sira nebe sira servisu iha escola ne’e no sira nebe ba estuda iha escola nee…

  6. Dionisio says:

    I am Dionsio, former student at Saint Joseph College. I entered Saint Josep college in 1993 and graduated in 1996. I have geat respect for Saint Josepth College for all the teaching instructions, values as well the spirit of Saint Ignatios Loyola passed on its students and have now made enourmous contribution to the development of East Timor. These all have shaped me intellectualy through my academic years. I always remeber and miss alll the teachers – specialy Romo Markus, former director of SJ, Romo edu, and Agen and all other teahcers whom I am not able to mention one by one. I did my Bachelor of Arts in Development studies at the Australian national university in Canberra. After working for two years with the World Bank, right now i am back in Australia to do Master of Arts in International Social Development at the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

    If there can be any chance for me to contribute my knowledge to the college after returning from Australia next year, I am happy to do so.

    With Regards

  7. Juliana da Cruz says:

    Dear Friends,

    I’m Juliana da Cruz, i graduated from St. Joseph in 2002 and in 1999 i was with father Edu and the other collegue to help the refugee in st. joseph compound. I learnt many thing in that time and i have never forget the time in my life. i’ll keep it as memory forever. SANYOS is the best…..

    Good Luck to you all….!!!!! dove_1912@yahoo.com


  8. Santoso Tridadi says:

    Hai ! I really hope that this is the way i can find (at last) Father Edu Ratu Dopo, SJ, who was my teacher in Canisius College, Jakarta around ’90..
    So.. hope someone can inform him that his student is looking for Him.. also may be someone can give me his e-mail addres so I can contact as soon. Now I live in Kupang.. hope to see Father Edu around Timor Island..

    Thanks for your help….

  9. Santoso Tridadi says:

    I really hope someone can inform me ( threedadi@yahoo.com ), Father Edu’s e-mail address… thanks a lot..

  10. Timoroan says:

    HI people love you..

  11. Pascoela Sequeira says:

    Hi all sanyos members
    I’m St. Yoseph Former student, I’m now studying in Canada…
    I hope we can share information to each other…
    Since I’m alone in Canada, I couldn’t follow up East Timor information…
    Salam Magis

  12. rabenta28 says:

    i owe St. Joseph for what i am now..

  13. Hadi Purnama says:

    I am a lecturer from Indonesia. I’m now lecturing at Bandung School of Communication (Stikom Bandung). I’m glad to share with people of Timor Leste.
    Today, we have 2 students from Timor Leste, especially from Santo Joseph College. They quite smart, hardworker and self motivated. We proud of them. We hope they will be back to their country some day, and will give their skill.
    In this occasion, I would like to invite students from Santo Joseph College to be our student in Stikom Bandung.
    Thank you very much

  14. Jan Bilinski says:

    Score Pacific is looking for young people willing to undertake training as fitters with the prospect of working offhsore for Oil and Gas company.

  15. Rabenta 07 says:

    Dear Colleagues,

    I am glad that I studied at St.Joseph College,the place where you learned what real life is and showed you what the friedship is. For that I just want to say thank you to everyone that has supported me during my studies at St.Joseph College.

    Keep the good friendship:)



  16. uzury says:

    Dear COlleagues,

    Miss all my friends st.joseph 2005-2007

  17. OLO says:

    Hallo all aksy CSJ

    i’m olegario dasilva menezes i entered saint joseph 2006-2009, i’m so thankfully for my lectures in CSJ coz trough their teaching then make my spirit to be strong and cofident coz i allways remember the 3C in CSJ which are CONCINSE, COMMITMENT AND COMPETANCE ……. thnx ALL FRIENDS from CS. Now i’m working on offshore Timor oil at Timor sea. THNX AMDG

    Salam magis TO BE MAN FOR THE OTHERS

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