We are a coeducational Catholic school, whereby young boys and girls are educated and trained together. We serve approximately 280 students. Among our students, there are approximately 50 seminarians of the “Seminario Menor de Nossa Senhora de Fatima” (the Minor Seminary of Our Lady of Fatima). The school has been entrusted to the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). The director of the School is Fr. Eduardo Dopo, S.J.

We are located here in the Capitol city of Dili in East Timor. Our motto is "Men and Women for Others." The universal practice of serving others, especially the poor and those suffering, along with the spirit of promoting “faith and justice” not only characterizes our Jesuit schools worldwide, but is also the mission of Colégio São José (St. Joseph’s High School)


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  1. Roberto M. Boholst, SJ says:

    This School Year, we have 568 students.

    225 for First Year
    199 for Second Year
    144 for Third Year

    We are growing in number.

    The Seminary is now having an independent program, actually not very independent because they just affiliate themselves with another Catholic School.

    CSJ is now moving towards becoming a truly Jesuit School BUT so much work are still to be done.

    At present, they like to say “men and women for and with others.”

    We are on a crossroad with so much hopes and possibilities but threatened by the political situation.

  2. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am a German artist working on a project called Global Citizen. (Details below) I would be very grateful if you could send me one copy of a newspaper from East Timor as I cannot get one here in Germany. This should be just an ordinary newspaper which could be used in my artwork.
    The name of your institution or your private name would of course be mentioned in the brochures and press articles as one of the generous supporters of art.
    Here is my postal address the newspaper should be sent to:

    Xenia Marita Riebe
    Brucknerallee 185
    41236 Moenchengladbach


    Thank you very much.
    Kind regards
    Xenia Marita Riebe

    The main topic of this project is to transform global society in its cultural variety by means of art. Here the artist forms small lean figures (30cm) from material derived from national newspapers from all over the world. Each figure represents one country so the whole group of “Global Citizens” will be about 230 altogether according to the number of nations represented at the UN. Once completed the sculptures will be arranged on a metal plate by means of tiny magnets placed underneath the figures’ feet. First public presentation will be the end of 2006. More information on http://www.xenia.bild-art.de/global/global_02.htm

  3. We are pleased to advise that the College has been included in the East Timor Directory, in the Education category.


    East Timor Directory

  4. I admire on saojose’s students friendship…..

  5. vionna says:

    i wanted someone, he is name YUSTINUS SURYA from surakarta, indonesian. pls help me, yustinus, pls send u no tlp/email, send my email : vina_renata@yahoo.co.id. urgent. thnaks

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